Loves Dogs and Cloud Apps

Technical Tom and Finance Fran might be lame as Twitter handles go. But as buyer personas, they could be the difference between a sales call or marketing campaign that hits the bullseye or misses completely.

Sales and marketing teams have a plethora of tools in their kits—battlecards, elevator pitches, call scripts, hearty sales slide decks—but we often see documented buyer personas as a “nice to have” instead of a necessity. That’s a big mistake.

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direct mail content overload

Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer: Content that shouldn’t work but totally does

The Fearless Flyer landed in my mailbox yesterday. That, along with 10 other pieces of tree-murdering snail mail. But the thing is, those other 10 pieces went straight into the circular file. While my Fearless Flyer made the cut.

There is no logical reason for this. Trader Joe’s kitschy newspaper is 10+ pages long. And I do mean long. The copy within these pages describes Trader Joe’s featured products in painstaking—and often painfully silly—prose. The black and white illustrations harken of old timey advertisements for liniment oil and lye soap. It’s hardly the type of content that should appeal to a target of tech-savvy millennials and consumers of Cocoa Dusted Truffles with Toffee Bits, Pickled Cauliflower Medley and Organic Mayonnaise.

But it does.

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