Clever or Clickbait?

These five A-list celebrities won’t leave the house without it.

Give your business the crowd appeal of Pokémon Go!

Informing your content by staying abreast of the current market climate is smart. Shoe-horning trending words or sensational claims into your headline is clickbait. Worse yet, it’s a creative cop-out.

A rule of thumb … if you can’t back up your claim or show only one-degree of separation between what you’re selling and the trend you’ve piggybacked on, then you aren’t just cheating your audience, you’re cheating your content strategy.

It’s tempting to hitch your message to something that already has the interest of a broad audience. We’ve talked before about that elusive 8-second attention span.

But a tactic that may reward you with an amazing click-through rate once can quickly devolve into a long-term lack of trust. And if your target readers don’t trust your content, no amount of clever can fix that.

Stick to compelling but relevant keywords and genuine creativity, and you’ll deliver great content that goes the distance.