Getting Comfortable

My favorite month of the year has arrived … September. The month that marks a welcome turning point in the year. The wild heat of summer fades away. There’s a calming, cool breath, like a deep exhale, you can feel in the air. A grounding back to earth. A resettling of spirit. Soon leaves will begin their turn from green to gold to gone.

September is a time of transition. Of clearing out closets and swapping swimsuits for sweaters. Of trading flip-flops for flannel. (Oh, how I love my flannel. Though preferably, with flip-flops) In short, September is usually a time of “getting comfortable.”

For businesses, September marks the beginning of the end for third quarter goals. When sales numbers may have stagnated during summer breaks, and the pressure mounts to make that final push toward the end of the calendar. If this description hits close to home, “getting comfortable” is the worst thing you can do.

Don’t panic. Remember, just as you have business goals to keep, so do your prospects and customers. They, too, have strategies, stakeholders, metrics and end-of-year profitability targets looming large. Can your product or service help them get there?

If so, now is the time to double down on your marketing and sales enablement efforts. Tap into that fourth-quarter anxiety with genuine buyer empathy. Meet customers where they are, with precision-crafted messages that let them know you feel their discomfort, and you’re here to help them solve it.

Give them value-driven content that fits like that favorite flannel shirt. Let’s talk!