Am I Right to Assume …

We are living in the day of information abundance. There’s hardly a single subject we can’t Google in seconds. This easy access to information can lull us into a sense of know-it-all-ness. Though, speaking from my own personal experience, I’ll argue it’s more of a know-enough-to-be-dangerous-ness.

Conversely, we also live in a time of snap-judgement and pigeonholing. It’s like our brain’s “sorting gear” being thrown into overdrive. None of us are immune to it. It seems an almost expected outcome given the pressures we face in today’s fast-paced society to economize our time, make decisions quickly and “move the ball forward” at a record pace.

Our brains are indeed supercomputers, rapidly taking in information, categorizing it, relying on historic, impressed patterns and spitting out current perceptions, so we can move on to the next thing.

But here’s the problem. When know-enough-to-be-dangerous and pigeonholing collide, the result often takes the form of assumptions. This happens every day in personal and professional situations alike. We’ve all experienced times when assuming one thing turned out to be the very opposite of reality.

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