FFT … Fresh Perspective

Vacations breed many benefits … physical health, mental health, spiritual renewal, new experiences, creative inspiration. If you’re like me, the week(s) leading up to a vacation are often more stressful than the 30 before it. It’s the irony of “preparing” for time off.

Funny how we’ve convinced ourselves that unfinished business is unacceptable. We don’t like leaving things half-done or incomplete. Even if rushing a current project to some self-imposed milestone leaves the quality of that work wanting. We checked that box … yay us! Our all-American go, go, go mindset pushes us to need closure, simply for the sake of closure.

But what if instead of racing to put a bow on a project before we take well-deserved leave, we gave ourselves—and our people—permission to leave it unwrapped? Purposefully open-ended. Open to the fresh perspective that a healthy dose of R&R invariably brings.

What if we start viewing vacations as an unstructured extension of the creative process—a bridge to innovation instead of a productivity gap?

What if we gave that business strategy, sales presentation, ad campaign or website revamp some room to breathe? Ready and waiting for us to return with fresh, creative oxygen.