3 Things You’ll Never Achieve Without a Killer Messaging Strategy

My high school basketball coach used to say “You won’t win if you don’t put in the work.” Inspiring words, but hard to appreciate when you’re running suicide sprints and defensive slide drills. He was right, though. Strength and conditioning made us better ball players and definitely helped propel us to the 1992 state quarterfinals. Go Bluejays!

You can choose from a million metaphors, but it all comes back to one truth. No amount of desire will help you achieve your goals if you don’t have a strong foundation to build on.

[Insert brilliant segue…]

The same is, of course, true for your marketing and sales goals. Strength and conditioning = messaging strategy. Without putting in the work to define and strengthen your message, three critical goals will continue to elude your brand.

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Is Outdated Content Damaging Your Rep?

Stale or off-brand content can do more harm than good

For years, talent and press agents repeated the mantra “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” And for years, that may have been true. It was a kinder, gentler, much less connected time. Today, we’re in the era of Google and interwoven social networks that let us create, share and find content in a flash. And now, a bit of bad publicity or a piece of ancient content can travel farther, live longer and show up years later at the most inopportune time.

Modern content marketing has become both a blessing and a curse. The ability to achieve huge audience reach in (literally) seconds, is a dream. But for organizations undergoing a messaging evolution or a full-blown rebrand, letting outdated or ineffective content abide can sabotage your brand awareness efforts.

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Value leads brand

Fake It ’til You Make It?

It’s a longstanding debate … does brand lead value or does value lead the brand? For many start-ups or new product launches, marketing becomes the first priority of the day. The ol’ “build it and they will come” mindset takes over.

But for many companies, somehow the “it” came to mean a great pitch instead of a great product or service that provides real value to the customer. In today’s “idea explosion” economy, it’s a mad dash to get the big idea to market before someone else steals your thunder.

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Your First 100 Days. How’d You Do?

Back in January, I published a post called The January Effect. The gist of it being that each new year brings bright, shiny plans and budgets for marketers and their target customers alike.

Both make big proclamations about what they’ll accomplish in those first 100 days.

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Brand Balls

Yes, I said it. Is it catchy? Sure. Is it on brand? Maybe not. Let’s take it through the KP Brand 3-Step Headline Test:

  1. Is it provocative for provocation’s sake? Or does it have relevance to my message?
  2. Check the brand mirror … is this me? It’s like trying on a new shirt. In other words, is this style supportive of the KP Brand brand?
  3. Will it connect with my intended audience? Am I going to appeal to my target market and be okay with missing the mark with some outliers?
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The January Effect

Hindsight is 20/20. At no other time of year is that old adage more accurate than January. We’re all reflecting back on the year behind us, assessing all the right decisions, along with the not-so-great ones. Then using that perspective, we set sail toward new goals with renewed determination and fervor.

If only we could bottle the “January effect” and take a swig throughout the year when we start to lose sight of those bold ambitions and our enthusiasm starts to wane.

In fact, we can. This is where great marketing comes in.

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Winning Over the Cynics

That’ll never do what it says.

This problem is too hard to solve.

That can’t be true.

Yeah, right!

It seems we’ve all become bilingual overnight, and that new language is cynicism.

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