Find your brand voice and be heard

The building blocks of KP Brand Communications

Brand Messaging Strategy that communicates meaningful value to your audience

Creative Campaign Strategy that architects memorable brand experiences

Brand Content that drives momentum and compels a response

Partnership that is collaborative, personalized and reliable

The most successful brands are led
by a meaningful message and a memorable voice.



Messaging Strategy + Voice Development

  • Key Stakeholder Workshop. We’ll facilitate a live workshop and dig into messaging differences between your sales, marketing and executive leadership. We’ll ask the tough questions and offer objective perspective with the goal of finding solid common ground to build from.
  • Refine, Align and Strengthen Messages. We’ll refine and strengthen your value prop and core messages and ensure you clearly understand your target audience mindset, then align all of the above with your go-to-market goals.
  • Brand Voice Development. It’s not just what you say but how you say it! We’ll help you establish an authentic tone, style and language building blocks to meaningfully communicate your brand.
  • Brand Messaging Framework. Our work culminates in a Messaging Framework document that includes all the essential guidance you need to tell your brand story and create compelling content with consistency and impact.


Creative Campaign Strategy + Direction

  • Activate Your Messaging. Develop a  comprehensive creative strategy that translates your brand messaging into memorable, on-target creative executions.
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy. We’ll collaborate with your internal team to infuse your existing marketing or employee recruiting plan with new creative energy that’s both practical and engaging.
  • Social Media Strategy. Up your social game with a combination of best practices and creative strategy. We’ll help you create stronger, snappier and more engaging posts that grab eyes and clicks.
  • Editorial Calendar. Define a proactive editorial calendar to help simplify and ramp up your content creation efforts for blogs and social media marketing.




Brand Content Creation

  • Writing. We offer expert writing to help you lay the brand awareness content groundwork, including website updates, video content, social media, and digital marketing and event campaigns.
  • Editing. We provide editing services to help improve the readability and impact of your existing content.
  • Content Templates. We’ll develop useful content templates to help your internal team apply the new messaging and creative direction to keep the momentum going.


For Individuals …

How we communicate our ideas and our value is just as important for us as people as it is for businesses. Too often, we can’t find the right words or we deliver them in a way that doesn’t attract the attention and respect we deserve.

Drawing on my experience as both a people manager and professional communicator, I have helped individuals find and use their voice more effectively:

  • Career and personal development
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Job or college interviewing

If you have a team member in need of developing stronger communication skills, or the one in need is you, let’s talk!


Web Development & Video Production Resources

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